Easter in the Desert

We hope you guys all had a wonderful Easter!  We spent the long holiday weekend with our entire family (12 in all) in Palm Springs!  

We all had such a great time!!!  Our hotel was absolutely beautiful and super family friendly which made it that much more special because the kids had so much fun too.  I think we only left the hotel one time the entire weekend.  

We spent our days poolside sipping on margaritas and sangria. Our evenings were spent on the main restaurant patio where we dined al fresco while listening to live music! It was paradise!

Our family has been going to the desert on Spring break for years and this place somehow always continues to amaze me with it's pristine weather (we love the heat!!!!) and it's never ending row of palm trees.  Candice and I always talk about someday buying a second house out there because I could really get used to that laid-back way of life!

Well, if you don't follow us on Instagram, here are some of the pics we posted from the weekend! xo Vanessa

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Marlee Gennille said...

you guys are the cutest sisters!