Shop Update 4.3.13

All the dresses you see below are in the shop now!  A few more dresses will be added to the store today! xoxo

 photo IMG_2181_zps5e775f21.jpg photo IMG_2163_zpsbca00916.jpg
 photo IMG_2172_zpsffa30f47.jpg photo IMG_2128_zps81129655.jpg
 photo IMG_2189_zps2363b964.jpg photo IMG_2141_zpsdaf157d0.jpg
 photo IMG_2211_zpsfdf078b3.jpg photo IMG_2134_zpsbc3a9075.jpg
 photo IMG_2198_zpsd0eff345.jpg photo IMG_2261_zps15ee40d1.jpg
 photo IMG_2230_zps2d6b1405.jpg photo IMG_2272_zps4ecef7fe.jpg

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alittlevintagestory said...

So many pretty dresses, the anchor print dress is gorgeous.