cold summer day.

(Dress: When Decades Collide, Coat: Thrifted, Knee Highs: American Apparel, Ankle Boots: When Decades Collide, Turban: Spanish Moss)

Today was a very gloomy and cold summer day. The strange weather did give me a chance to take out my leopard coat that I would normally not get to wear until December. I love the summer for it's free feeling clothing but sometimes miss those cold winter days because I am unable to wear my beautiful vintage coats. Today was just enough... I am definitely ready to jump back into my summer dresses, mini skirts, bikini and flip flops. The truth is, I much more prefer the warm summer days :-)

The mini dress and ankle boots that I am wearing are in the store NOW. Both pieces are great because they can be worn throughout the seasons. I currently have a strange obsession with head pieces. I love turbans and head scarves. Maybe because they are vintage inspired? I admit... my obsession for everything vintage is a tad bit weird but I can't help it. My parents always tell me that I am an old soul in a young body... maybe so.



Stace said...

love the socks and dress!

Melissa said...

i love your headband!! beautiful fur coat! xx