treasure hunting.

Yesterday, we went on a shopping spree for vintage accessories for the store. When we first started in December, we wanted to stock the store weekly with tons of one of-a-kind vintage accessories. But for some reason, searching for amazing vintage clothing alone has taken up all of our time and energy. Because of this, accessories have been absentee in the store for the past six months. As we finally got a hold of the clothing side of our business, we realized that treasure hunting for accessories was a MUST.

The blazing hot sun didn't stop us from finding some amazing vintage accessories all while shooting a video along the way. Some of you might ask, "Will the 60's belt and black ankle boots in the video be in the store?" We are sorry to disappoint you but right as Candice sat down the boots and I sat down the belt to continue looking, they were snatched from right under our hands. Yes, it did make us very sad that we couldn't go home with these pieces but we promise that we will make it up to you with even greater pieces that will be landing in the store next week.

We will have a sneak peek of these pieces right here this week so stay tuned.


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