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I can't believe Labor Day is almost here!  My hubby and I are flying out to NYC for the weekend!  It will be the first trip away from Oliver since the little nugget was born.  We're a little (alot) nervous but luckily I have the BEST parents in the world and he definitely will be well taken care of! :)  Love you mom and dad!!!!

Anyways, We've been pinning a lot lately!  I know Fall is almost here but I can't even begin to think about it with the heat we've been having for the last few weeks!  Ugh!

Happy Labor Day! xo Vanessa 

We love a good hat!

Butterscotch pudding popsicles by Smitten Kitchen!  These sound SOOO GOOD!

The perfect little outfit for this 90 degree weather!

A perfectly accessorized bedroom nook via Apartment Therapy.

Such a beautiful shot!

Love this floral print!

Vintage Susan Sarandon, such a natural beauty!

When can I move in? (link)

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Q's Daydream said...

Ohhhhh! I love Vika in her floral dress!! Have fun in NYC!