Inside Our Closet: Floral Prints & Furry Friends

(On Vanessa: Dress- Vintage Koret of California, Jewelry- Vintage Bakelite, Clutch- Club Monaco, Sandals- Salt Water. On me: Dress/Clutch- Vintage, Necklace- Vintage Lucite, Sunnies- Ray Ban, Sandals- Salt Water)

Boy did the summer-like temperatures come back in Southern California! Oh yes, those spring-like temperatures in July and in the beginning of August are gone! It has been smoking hot here lately (and I mean temperature wise). Vanessa and I braved the heat on Friday, when we met for lunch and some quick photos for the blog. We chowed down on some cold drinks and yummy fries. We ran into this beautiful little kitty on the sidewalk. She was such a sweet little girl. 

Speaking of furry friends, my boyfriend and I adopted a little guy named Jack over the weekend. Many applications, phone calls and interviews later finally led us to our new little family member (I didn't know the adoption process was so strenuous but I am definitely glad that it is). Let's just say, I-am-in-puppy-love. I've only had him for a little bit but I am so in love with him already. The sleepless nights of potting training are nothing when I have these eyes to look at. I know it sounds dorky but, I am so excited for life with this little sunshine :). 

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