Inside Our Closet: A Sister Lunch Date

(On Vanessa- Dress/Brooch/Clutch: Vintage, Shoes: Urban Outfitters 
On me- Dress/Jewelry/Clutch: Vintage, Shoes: Free People)

On Friday, Vanessa and I had a lunch date with Oliver and our mom at one of our favorite spots in Long Beach. The weather has been absolutely perfect here lately so dining Al fresco is a necessity. Both of us wore our favorite dresses of the moment from each of our own collections. Yes, I said "of the moment." It changes every time we find a new 'favorite' dress and its actually been happening a lot lately. Another perk of having a shop! Lucky us!  I've been anxiously waiting for my dress to get back from the dry cleaners. A good cleaning and some hemming (to my perfect 37 inches in length) was in order. With the long Memorial Day weekend and the cleaners' short hours it took extra long which made me even more antsy. So when I finally got it back and had a date to wear it, we had to snap some photos...



Suzie said...

L.O.V.E. that blue dress. Amazing!


Q's Daydream said...

So pretty! Y'all really do have the best dresses. My perfect length is 37 too! We must be about the same height :)