Catching Up With Vanessa on Instagram

The last few months as seen through this little iPhone of mine!  I honestly can't live without it.  

A lot has been going on in my life over the last month or so.  My family had to move out of our house for 15 days in the middle of May due to some unforeseen renovations to our house.  It was really stressful at the time (with two cats and a baby!!!) but now that everything is completed, we are so happy we went through what we did because our little home looks SO beautiful now.  And In the midst of all the home renovations, we also celebrated an anniversary, a birthday and Mother's day!  I don't think we could have possibly been any busier in the month of May!  I gotta say, I am definitely looking forward to some r&r over the next few weeks... because this is one exhausted mama! 

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