The Dog Days of Vintage

I love dogs and I love vintage so when the two get together, I pretty much go bonkers. I have two dogs named Fifi and Bruin that I love to death and would do just about anything for. Vanessa calls herself a 'cat lady' and I call myself a 'dog lady'. I swear if I owned a big piece of property, I would adopt as many dogs as I could. And then I would spend all of my days frolicking around with them in my pretty vintage dresses :)

Do you call yourself a 'cat lady' or a 'dog lady'?


Okay so its not a Frenchie but a Boston Terrier. But it looks like a Frenchie and I've wanted one since forever. 

They look like the perfect match :)

Just the cutest girl and her pup!

Big dog and little lady enjoying a drive together, so cute!

There's no better time of the day, then enjoying a walk outside with your dog :)

An all pink poodle and an all pink room!

I want to be wearing these vintage dresses and playing with these dogs! Looks like so much fun!

(All images via Flickr & Tumblr)


Q's Daydream said...

Im so a dog person! Love my baby basset hound :)

alittlevintagestory said...

Love the image of the spotted dress & matching puppy, adorable!