Inside Our Closet: Polka Dot + Gingham Prints

Vanessa and I met up this week to discuss business over "a cup of Joe." From, scheduling shopping appointments to organizing the layout of new business forms that need to be printed, we had a lot to discuss. We always get more done when we compare our calendars in person than on the phone or by email. Plus, its a great excuse to get outside from behind our desks and get dressed up. This is what we wore...


(On Vanessa: Dress/Purse/Earrings- Vintage, Sunglasses- Spitfire, Cardigan- Forever21
  On me: Dress/Purse/Brooch/Bangles- Vintage, Belt: Target, Sunglasses: Ray Ban)

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Babes in Thriftland said...

You both have my dream wardrobe! Love both of these dresses :)