My tradition

Can you believe its already November?! The holidays are just around the corner and we are waiting to splurge on mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and Christmas cookies. I love the holiday season not only for the delightful treats but for the time spent with my family telling stories next to the fire, playing board games and watching old Christmas movies. Every year, starting on Thanksgiving, my dad plays the movie “Christmas Story” and he doesn’t stop playing it till the holidays are finally over. When we were little, by Christmas day, we use to say “Dad, not again!” when he would play the movie. The funny thing is, is that now that I am older, I am such a baby for old cheesy Christmas movies and I could careless what we are doing during the holidays, as long as I am with my family, I am happy. Ever since 3 years ago, we have made it a family tradition to fly to San Francisco for Thanksgiving. It is usually freezing cold, so we spend Thanksgiving Day in a wine bar located in Union Square where we look outside the window watching the hustle bustle of people running in and out of the stores. We then go ice skating which is probably not the next best thing to do after we just spent many hours drinking wine (last year, I fell on my butt and boy did it hurt right until we flew home). We spend Thanksgiving dinner at the same small Italian restaurant in North Beach where we splurge on lasagna, spaghetti and pizza… we are definitely not traditionalists. You would think we were the only family in the restaurant but the funny thing is, is that the restaurant is filled with tons and tons of people who also have the same quirky tradition. Personally, I am not a big fan of Turkey but the bigger fact is, is that I love doing things different from the norm. And I am definitely going to make San Francisco my quirky tradition for many years to come.

This Thanksgiving, my luggage is going to be stuffed with dresses exactly like these. It is so fun to get dressed up for the holidays. But I get so tired of the retail stores being filled with the same holiday dresses. It is the worst when you find your self wearing the same dress as someone else at a Christmas or New Years party. Well, we can promise you that by wearing one of our vintage dresses, this will NOT happen. And you will even be the talk of the party in these gorgeous detailed dresses. Plus, the good thing is, is that our dresses can be worn after the holidays and throughout the year (which one would not dare to do in most of the holiday dresses purchased at so many stores). The two dresses here are in the store NOW until Sunday and they are really so perfect for all of your festivities.


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