How our love for vintage started...

From the time we were little girls, my sister and I were ransacking my grandma's and mom's closet. Our grandma's closet was filled with gorgeous 50's dresses, cute top hats and sweaters draped with beautiful sequins. Our mother's closet was unbelievable! She had 60's fur coats and beautiful handmade dresses that our grandmother used to make for her. Today these pieces are our most treasured items.

When we weren't invading closets, we were saving up our allowance money so we could spend it on weekend adventures to vintage stores and swap meets. We became obsessed with how vintage clothing was so beautifully made and how each decade, from the 40's to the 80's, and even the early 90's, was so different and unique from one another. We also loved knowing that every dress had a story and we really valued the time and care that went into making each vintage piece.

After collecting for several years, we saw the price of vintage dramatically increase. It became alot harder to grab on to that fantastic 60's mod dress or that dreamy sequin top from the 70's without paying a fortune for it. We began to get so fed up with the increase in prices that we decided to start When Decades Collide. Our goal was to make great quality vintage accessible to every vintage lover.

We truly love what we do and we are so happy to say that. Collecting vintage started as a personal obsession for us and it is now the only thing that we could ever think of dong as a career.

Here are some hilarious old pictures that we found of our parents that we wanted to share with you. Check out the orange shag carpet in the first picture- definitely a sign of the times!


Vanessa & Candice

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