Hello October

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! I know Christmas is most people's favorite and I love Christmas too but that's why I love Halloween... it marks the start of the holiday season. The leaves are changing color, the weather starts to cool down (well maybe not in CA) and Starbucks comes out with their PSL :). But my favorite part of the month of October, is decorating for Halloween! I love mixing vintage and new when decorating. Vintage blow molds, paper mache and the die cuts that you hang in your windows just make me happy. I went a little crazy with the outdoor Halloween decorations from Crate and Barrel this year since it was the first Halloween in our new house. I am such a dork but every night I can't wait until it gets dark so I can turn all of my lights on. I may or may not have put up the decorations mid September but no one needs to know that except you and I. My parents always decorated their house to the 'T' for Halloween so thats who I probably get it from. I remember getting excited to come home from school on the first day of October and begging my mom to take the decorations out. Yeah, I guess I've always been crazy!

How do you guys decorate for Halloween? 

I can't wait for you guys to see Elvis' Halloween costume! Last year he was the cutest little bumble bee but I think this year's costume is even better! Just need to bribe him with treats in order to take a photo! Cannot wait to go trick or treating! 

Blow molds including hanging one: Vintage

Paper Mache Cat and Pumpkin: Vintage 

Wreath: Crate and Barrel

Twig Garland around Front Door: Crate and Barrel

Door Mat: Crate and Barrel

Large Spider: Walgreens

Metal pumpkins/skeleton on porch: Crate and Barrel

Pumpkin Stakes: Crate and Barrel 


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