Shop Update 2..09.14

Lots of new dresses have been added to the store over the last few weeks!  You can find the complete shop update here!

 photo IMG_2195_zps920fb857.jpg photo IMG_2108_zps551eb472.jpg
 photo IMG_2114_zps515bcea1.jpg photo IMG_2087_zpsd948bfce.jpg
 photo IMG_2069_zps137d8846.jpg photo IMG_2204_zpsa29d0c8f.jpg
 photo IMG_2102_zpsf4d8e191.jpg photo IMG_2094_zps8b544a74.jpg
 photo IMG_1893_zps6d37a57f.jpg photo IMG_2122_zps639a9c92.jpg
 photo IMG_2078_zps6904a15d.jpg photo IMG_2186_zpsa52bcf20.jpg
 photo IMG_1775_zps4803a6c6.jpg photo IMG_1924_zps0cc7cc24.jpg
 photo IMG_2136_zps6888438b.jpg photo IMG_2162_zps4e16dfd1.jpg

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Anonymous said...

I think everyone should have a few modest dresses in there closet.