Shop Update 11.18.13

Shop part 1 of this weeks shop update here!  More new arrivals will be added to the store later this week. xo

 photo IMG_9707_zps0ab4ed28.jpg photo IMG_9732_zps723ec45d.jpg
 photo IMG_9787_zps06c02916.jpg photo IMG_9725_zps4d83e163.jpg
 photo IMG_9739_zpsc73131e8.jpg photo IMG_9746_zps565d85c3.jpg
 photo IMG_9818_zpsfc0037e7.jpg photo IMG_9754_zps7f643858.jpg
 photo IMG_9780_zps495fbb3d.jpg photo IMG_9799_zps531ffb46.jpg
 photo IMG_9716_zpsf67f3c49.jpg photo IMG_9764_zps8be17764.jpg

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