A Day in the Life

As any vintage shop owner would tell you, you have to be shopping ALLLL THEEEE TIMEEEE.  Candice and I make it a priority to get out a few times a week to hit up all of our local spots.  Orange Circle is one of those places.  This antique mall always has something we can't live without. Today we were extra lucky and found quite a few gorgeous pieces for the shop. Yeah, yeah, yeah!  We also had lunch with our mom.  Kale salads, pizza and wine. It was a very good day! 

 photo IMG_0721_zps9fe0ea8d.jpg photo IMG_0270_zpse0022d1e.jpg
 photo IMG_0269_zps7a8b862f.jpg photo IMG_0267_zpsc02ae852.jpg
 photo IMG_0262_zps572483d5.jpg photo IMG_0266_zpse8e4561d.jpg
 photo IMG_0264_zpsb34fa1ea.jpg photo IMG_0263_zps732897e1.jpg
 photo IMG_0723_zps70ba5a43.jpg photo IMG_0268_zpsd7527662.jpg
 photo IMG_0722_zps93b04546.jpg photo IMG_0261_zpsdb80eae1.jpg
Candice and I also wore a few embroidered dresses from the shop.  You can find them here and here.

xo Vanessa

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