Inside Our Closet: Sunny August Days

(On Vanessa: Dress/Brooch/Clutch- Vintage, Sandals: Salt Water, On me: Dress/Necklace/Purse: Vintage, Sandals: Salt Water)

On Friday, I met Vanessa and Oliver for a lunch date. Its always so nice meeting to wind down after the end of a long work week. We had so much fun watching Oliver giggle, eat and smile at other people passing by. The weather has been absolutely perfect lately. 80 degrees in the first of August is so not normal but boy are we loving it. And just because of it, doing everything outside is a must. I hate that summer is flying by and this beautiful weather won't be here for long. I am going to hold on so close to everyday in August because I never want fall to come. (I hate fall... and jackets and pants, ugh!)

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