Inside Our Closet: At Sunset

(On Candice: Dress: Vintage 1950s, Clutch/Necklace: Vintage, Sandals: Salt Water's via Modcloth.  On Vanessa: Dress: Vintage 1950s, Necklace/Earrings: Vintage, Clutch: Thrifted, Sandals: Salt Water's via Modcloth)

We had a small family get together at my parents house on Saturday evening to celebrate my birthday!  We had a great evening but it was hot.  Like really hot, 104º to be exact.  We snapped these pics at sunset when it finally started to cool down a bit.

This is the checkered dress I posted a photo of on Instagram a few weeks back.  I actually bought it at the Rose Bowl swap meet and fell in love with it at first sight... but the poor dress needed some TLC.  Not only was she a tad bit too small but there were also a few really large holes at the hem of the skirt.  Such a bummer, right?  But thankfully, we have an amazing tailor and he brought the dress back to it's former glory for me.  He let it out a few inches in the bust and waist and sewed a dart into the skirt to hide the holes.  I think I spent a total of $35 to fix both issues too!!!  It really goes to show that you should never pass on a dress that you love because of some small imperfections because a resourceful tailor can usually fix it. 

xo Vanessa

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