Inside Our Closet: One of My First Vintage Dresses

Happy Monday y'all!

This yellow Jonathan Logan dress was one of the first 1950's dresses I started collecting a few years back. Since starting our shop 3 years ago, I haven't come across a similar dress since. Thank goodness I decided it was a keeper. I recently got it hemmed to my perfect 37 inches in length a few weeks back. I was hesitant at first because I didn't want to ruin it but in the end I was happy I did so because now it fits me just right. Go big or go home right? 

Over the past few months Vanessa and I have been talking about taking our collection pictures inside with studio lighting. We absolutely love the natural light we've been using all along however since our shop has matured, we can't keep up with the demands. Its definitely a big change for us and what we are used to but we are looking forward to all the changes that will grow our shop. We love the results so far and we hope you love them as much as we do. This week's collection will be in the shop mid-week :)

xoxo, Candice

(On Vanessa- Dress/Brooch/Bangles/Clutch: Vintage, Sandals: Salt Water
On me- Dress/Clutch/Bangles/Necklace: Vintage, Hair clip: Forever21, Sandals: Salt Water)

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