Shop Update 3.25.13

Everything is in the shop now!

 photo IMG_1887_zps5d50a788.jpg photo IMG_1936_zps36b836be.jpg
 photo IMG_1931_zps4cb59858.jpg photo IMG_1973_zpse7495c26.jpg
 photo IMG_1957_zpsf7506154.jpg photo IMG_1896_zps8f76697c.jpg
 photo IMG_1964_zps58c4c7f3.jpg photo IMG_2025_zps16033f41.jpg
 photo IMG_2034_zps1b2e2258.jpg photo IMG_2022_zpsa40d990a.jpg
 photo IMG_1945_zpsc9d55ad5.jpg photo IMG_1978_zps0b234526.jpg
 photo IMG_1986_zps22989b4e.jpg photo IMG_1925_zpsf8c6ec66.jpg
 photo IMG_1903_zps4a84ca8f.jpg photo IMG_1752_zps7b117258.jpg


Kitsune-kun said...

blows my mind how you can find all these gems!

alittlevintagestory said...

Love the black one with the bows at the waist. Amazing dresses.