Sister Love

Candice and I met up with each other this weekend for drinks and a late lunch!  Lunch dates are starting to become the norm around here now that I need to be home by 6pm to start getting Oliver down for the night.  

Anyway, Candice and I just happened to be totally color coordinated.  We thought the apricot/blue combination was real pretty... so we took some pics.  And, yes!  Don't get us started how much we love little 60s enamel flower brooches.  We've been wearing them a whole lot lately.

Candice actually borrowed her dress from the shop.  It will be hitting the store next week.  My dress is also vintage and i'm not letting go of it any time soon. hehe.

Well, hope everyone has a fantastic week!

PS: We will be having a pretty great shop update this Wednesday!  Can't wait!

xo Vanessa

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