Spinach Smoothie


Say hello to my new favorite thing.

I have been on the look out for a recipe that allows me to get spinach in my diet without having to spend hours forking each individual leaf. Through trial and error I created this smoothie which allows me to do that. I know it may no look so yummy but I promise you it is so delicious and very healthy. You can't even taste the spinach! A few of my family and friends who I've made it for told me it tasted like pistachio ice cream... just another reason why you have to try it. It is a great breakfast and such a healthy way to start your day. It can be used as a meal replacement because it has the proper protein, carbohydrates and fat that each of us need. It is low calorie, super filling and so nutritious!

1 cup almond milk (I prefer unsweetened vanilla almond milk)
Vanilla protein powder (I use the brand Aria which is for women. I recommend not skipping this step because the vanilla adds the sweetness)
Flaxseed meal
6 almonds
Half cup blueberries
1 cup ice
4 cups spinach

Pour all ingredients in a blender or food processor in the order listed above. If you decide to use a blender, you might have to pause the 'crush ice' mode and re-blend a few times because of the large amount of spinach. I usually have to use a spoon to push the spinach down into the blender so it can be blended. Garnish with a cucumber and enjoy!

Makes about 20 ounces.


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Megan said...

Thanks for the post! Might have to try this smoothie!