The Perfect Dress

(Vintage Dress: In Store Now, Hat: Vintage, Ankle Boots: Steve Madden)

This dress is one of my favorite pieces in the current collection. I think one of the signs of a beautiful dress is it's fits perfectly on a number of different body types. This dress is just one of those pieces.

Anyways, I've been doing some Fall cleaning and have been re-organizing my closet. Now that it's starting to cool down here in So. Cal, I'm finally starting to think about some key pieces I need to purchase for Fall/Winter. I literally only own two sweaters. So sad, right?!? OH... and footwear! Definitely need some new boots! I have my eye on THESE! What have you guys all been buying for the Winter season? xo, Vanessa


Katrina said...

Stunning outfit... I am forever lusting over your long locks. xo

Zelina Garza said...

gorgeous dress and photos

Megan said...

Stopping by to check out that dress asap!


Steffys Pros and Cons said...

the bow on your dress is so darling!

<3 steffy

elanor, said...

i love the boots that you linked to in your post! i may have to look into finding a similar pair... :)

also, i just adore your beautiful hair.xx

gee said...

oh my, that dress fits you perfectly. ahh.. <333
it is so beautiful on you.

Wear The Canvas said...

Super random but, your hair is so gorgeous! It reminds me of my mothers when she was in her young. Is it naturally wavy like that?

Meanz Chan (Koi Story) said...

That dress is so beautiful and looks amazing on you!

Caitie said...

OMG! That dress is dreamy on you! I LOVE where you shot the pics too, perfect! I've been eyeing too many shoes to count and on the hunt for a new BAG! Desperate need! :)