(Skirt: In store now, Blouse: Silence and Noise, Shoes: Micheal Kors)

Vanessa and I drove around the neighborhood looking for colorful flowers to be the backdrop of this blog post. It has been so frigid cold here these past couple weeks that we couldn't find any flowers or even any signs of flowers blooming. This is so unusual for Southern California this time of year. Usually our spring would have already started. I hate to always talk about the weather but seriously, it's killing me. I can't even imagine how those of you feel who live on the East coast! ...We finally found a flower bush growing over a fence which we decided was good enough.

We adore this black and white polka dot full skirt which is in the store now. Before our auction ended we wanted to snap some photos of it. We decided to pair it with a simple white blouse and pink shoes for a pop of color. We first paired it with knee highs that we immediately took off after we decided it looked too much like a private school uniform. We are in need of so many basics to pair with items from our store for our photo shoots. We are planning on taking a shopping trip next week and I can't wait! I love having an excuse to go shopping :)


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Pithsala said...

This is a gorgeous look put together.
Your skirt is so pretty and your shoessssss!! I'd love to have them. :)