Cabin Fever

I have recently had a tad bit of cabin fever because of the cold weather. This is not good considering it is only the end of November and we have only more months to come of chilly weather. I really shouldn't complain considering Southern California's winter weather really doesn't compare to many other states but to me, I am still freezing. I am already drooling over spring 2011 collections and even swimwear. My style is much more relaxed so when I have to put on 5 different layers in order to stay warm I just dread it. I love spring and summer time when all I have to do is throw on a vintage dress, a pair of flats and sunnies and I am out the door.

Luckily, we have been given a few warm days right before the holidays. We knew it was not going to last so we have been snapping ever since. In about one week we have done more blogs than we have done in past whole months. We definitely take advantage of any days where we can blog without being so uncomfortably freezing. This vintage dress (In the store now) would be perfect in the spring or summer but it even looks great with black tights in the winter. I love vintage dresses like this that you can quickly throw on without too much effort with accessorizing but still looks great. I am also obsessed with how comfortable it feels. You could say it is simply perfect!



My Own Strange Little World said...

This is the first time I visit your blog and I must say... Wow!! I think is going to become one of my favourites!! Your style is absolutely amazing!!! I'm following you here and in Bloglovin!!


When Decades Collide said...

THANK YOU so much for the follow. We really appreciate it!